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Feb 232016

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I get very detailed. My degree is in Software Engineering, but while the business IT students were learning tools, engineering students were learningmath lots and lots of computer math. When we wannabe engineers were assigned projects, we chose whatever tool we wanted. But we had to figure out that tool from the bottom up. WhileIve been teaching myself about creating a blog, Ive become a little dismayed at the lack of detail in how-to videos or otherhow-to informationfound online. I decided that if a software engineer has trouble with WordPress, many many people will also have trouble. Im planning to – Cheap Website Cloud Hosting at update this section once per week. I will place the super-detailed portions under a mask or a link so you wont have to see it unless you want it. by Julia Darcy | Mar 13, 2015 | The WOW Files In this section, I willshow you excerpts of posts from other bloggers that gave me Aha! moments in my new profitable website venture. Authors such as Pat Flynn from and Rob Cubbonfrom have been incredibly generous in the amount and quality of free information they offer.